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John & Josephine Dance Creative is established since 1999 and has been professionally conducting dancing classes such as Ballroom & Latin dances, wedding dances, children dances and more.

John & Josephine

John and Josephine, or more affectionately known as J & J started their dancing careers nearly two decades ago. Finding the rhythm between them proved to be no problem as they started competing in 1986. Winning competition after competition in more than 30 championships, they decided to turn professional in 1995.

Seen as pioneers of dancesport in Singapore, they decided to take it a step further. In 1999, the John & Josephine Dance Creative school was set up at Parklane Shopping Mall. Like anything in life, John and Josephine believe that learning is a never-ending process. Being true advocates of dancesport, they have been and are still undergoing training in England & Germany since 1989. This valuable knowledge is then passed on to their students who can only benefit from having such incredible instructors.

In addition to the training, John and Josephine even found time to perform all over Asia and the world. In fact, they are the first Singaporean professional dancers to be invited to perform in France. Not only that, they have also been invited on numerous occasions to judge at other international competitions. A very busy couple indeed! Never too busy for charity though. John and Josephine have organised many events where, they and their students perform for charity.

John and Josephine’s professional careers went into a new height with the turn of the new millennium. In year 2000, they oganised The Singapore Millennium International Dancesport Championship. The wonderful and incredible success of this event as encouraged them to make this an annual affair.

In a class of their own, this dynamic couple has proved to the world that they have what it takes to make it on the international dancesport scene.

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[ultimate_modal modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”.felix” modal_style=”overlay-fade” overlay_bg_opacity=”50″]Associate of United Kingdom Alliance (A.U.K.A. – Latin American)

10 time South East Asia Latin American Dance Champions.

5 times Singapore National Latin American Dance Champions.

Represented Singapore in the World Latin Championships in Norway and Germany.

15 years of dance coaching experience.

Specialists in Latin American Dances, Social Dances and Latin Club Dance like Salsa.

People’s Association Certified Instructor

Have produced many champions and finalists in International Championships.

In a class of their own, this dynamic couple has proved to the world that they have what it takes to make it on the international dancesport scene.[/ultimate_modal]

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Dance has always been an integral part of Jonathan’s life. Thus despite being only 27 years of age, he has already had Eight years of teaching experience and spent more than fifteen years moving his feet. Having inherited his family’s legacy and penchant for instructorship, Jonathan enjoys imparting his love for ballroom dancing to people of ages, young and old. In 2007, Jonathan achieved first place in the Amateur Rising Star category for both Ballroom and Latin. Since then, he has competed and attained respectable placings in various competitions around the Asia-Pacific region.

Jonathan has also trained and competed with his students in teacher-student competitions overseas. Additionally, Jonathan has also choreographed and took part in various ballroom dance performances in Singapore.


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Associate (N.A.T.D – London); Licentiate Ballroom (U.K.A)

Vincent has trained and competed with his wife in Amateur & Professional Senior event and with students in teacher-student competitions . Additionally, Vincent has also took part in various ballroom dance performances in Singapore.

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Anneke Zirr-Seng is a licensed Zumba® instructor and ZIN™ member since October 2015, when she decided to take her passion for Zumba and everything dancing on to the next level. Born in Germany, she has been living in Japan and Thailand before moving to Singapore. She hopes to inspire and motivate her students to enjoy their workout while keeping fit and healthy through an active lifestyle. She has international teaching experience in Thailand, Germany and Singapore.