Ballroom Dancing for Kids

3 reasons it might be the best thing you can do for your child

So you want to sign you child up for ballroom dancing classes? Whether it is Standard or Latin that catches your fancy, somewhere along the line you wondered if perhaps your child could benefit from being exposed to such a craft. But maybe it all seems a bit too fluffy to you. “Sure,” you think to yourself “he/she’ll be able to dance, but what’s the use of that?” And yet somewhere deep down you know that that isn’t all there is to it. Well, after years of experience in teaching and watching our students grow (both as dancers and as people), we at John & Josephine Dance Creative want to share the 3 major things we have seen our students benefit most from.

The first is an unmistakable dancer’s poise. Being exposed to the thousand ways a body can move from a young age lends ballroom dancers a grace that stretches well beyond the dance floor. You can always spot a dancer even from afar. You will notice the ease with which they hold their perfect posture and the elegance of their movements in everything they do. Dancing leaves a mark that last a lifetime and this is one mark you want to be made. Your child will be the one student in its class that will never be told that they need to watch their posture, and we will make it our personal mission to keep it that way.

The second is the skill set of a leader. This is one thing that we believe no other kind of dance can give your child. Ballroom dancing is, first and foremost, a team effort, where the success or failure of either partner belongs to them both. Dancing with a partner requires one to be confident in ones actions and firm in ones lead yet flexible and able to adjust to the strengths and needs of another. It requires the ability to both lead and follow without doing so blindly; it requires patience and a willingness to help when one is ahead, as well as dedication and a cool head when one is behind. No student of ours has been able to develop these qualities while dancing without also developing them in their personal lives, and we guarantee your child will be no exception.

The third is being comfortable with self-expression. At some point in our lives we have all felt the dread of feeling the music and wanting to move with it and yet being so scared to even try. Even if we do manage to overcome that fear the way we end up moving rarely does justice to the feeling that spurred us to do so. So we simply stop, feeling a discomfort that has nothing to do with being watched but rather with an inability to express ourselves. This is the last thing you will ever see a ballroom dancer do. It is also the last thing you will see your child do if we have any say in the matter. Never will your boy/girl feel uneasy when all they wish to do is simply dance. Not to mention the looks of awe and envy they will receive from their peers when they get the chance to showcase what they have learned.

So why John & Josephine’s? It’s quite simple really. We will provide your child with the best possible conditions to learn and grow. With over 30 championship titles and 30 years of teaching experience under our belts we know just what your child will need on their ballroom journey and will provide it with unrivalled care and attention to detail.

These are just a few of the many benefits of dancing with us that we could have listed, but in the interest of  being concise we decided to limit ourselves to the most important ones. If you would like to hear more on what your child could gain from becoming a ballroom dancer we would be happy to speak to you by phone, email or in person at:

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wedding dance singapore

Wedding Dances for All

Express your love for each on your special day with class and style

The first dance is widely regarded as the single most important part of any wedding, and for good reason. The bride and groom find themselves under unparalleled scrutiny, so we make it our business to ensure their dance is one of unparalleled quality, from choreography to execution.

Our wedding choreographer and coach Josephine has over 30 championship titles and 30 years of teaching experience under her belt. She will ensure that you absolutely shine, no matter your current level. You choose the song, the space and pretty much anything else you can envision about your dance and she will help you make that vision a reality just as she once did as the official wedding dance choreographer for the Brides of the World Pageant 2012.

But above all we want you to have fun and make your first dance truly your own and it is here that John & Josephine’s Dance creative is truly unparalleled. A perfect dance is not enough, what we work towards instead is a dance that is perfectly yours. So come to us with any oddball ideas you might have, any quirky moves you want to do and do not hesitate – If anyone can make them work it’s Josephine, and she’d love to help. We’re always just a phone call away!