Yale-NUS ballroom dancing team builds a community of learning, service and performance

John and Josephine Dance Creative is glad to share this article written by Yale-NUS Daryl Yang

Ballroom Dancing for Kids

3 reasons it might be the best thing you can do for your child So you want to sign you child up for ballroom dancing classes? Whether it is Standard or Latin that catches your fancy, somewhere along the line you wondered if perhaps your child could benefit from being exposed to such a craft. But maybe it all seems [...]

Wedding Dances for All

Express your love for each on your special day with class and style The first dance is widely regarded as the single most important part of any wedding, and for good reason. The bride and groom find themselves under unparalleled scrutiny, so we make it our business to ensure their dance is one of unparalleled quality, from choreography to execution. [...]

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