The Rumba

The name of this dance was originally used in Cuba to denote any party, and later all secular styles of Cuban music. Today it mostly refers to the modern style of Latin Ballroom dance, at times using the alternative spelling “Rhumba”. Though the word Rumba has come to denote much less the ways in which rumba can be danced seem to be ever expanding. The Rumba is danced in two recognized styles around the world – the American and the International – both competitively and socially, but it goes far beyond that. The Rumba is as versatile as the dancer, becoming as complex or as simple as is necessary when danced to its famous slow-quick-quick (quick-quick-slow) beat. This makes learning the Rumba satisfying for the inexperience and experienced alike.

So whichever level of skill you find yourself in, come join us to learn everything from the basics such as the Cucarachas and the New York all the way up to the more advanced moves such as the Three Alemanas and the Circular Volta. We have something for everyone here at John & Josephine Dance Studio.

We offer classes for dancers of all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – for individuals, couples and special groups alike, so that our instructors can cater to the individual needs of all of their students.

If, upon reading this you find yourself itching to start learning please do contact us. We would be happy to help with any inquiries you may have.

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