The Viennese Waltz

The first dance to be danced in the closed position, the Viennese Waltz could be considered the “original” ballroom dance.  Being almost twice as fast as the English Slow Waltz without sacrificing any of its grace it lends even the most basic of its steps an impressive quality.

Come learn the oldest of modern dances with us, from the basics such as the Reverse Turn and the Closed Changes to the more challenging steps such as Circling Runs and the Open Side Lock. With instructors that have up to 30 years of experience we promise to get you up to speed in no time- no matter how humble or ambitious your goals.

We offer classes for dancers of all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – for individuals, couples and special groups alike, so that our instructors can cater to the individual needs of all of their students.

If, upon reading this you find yourself itching to start learning please do contact us. We would be happy to help with any inquiries you may have.

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