Wedding Dances for All

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Express your love for each on your special day with class and style

The first dance is widely regarded as the single most important part of any wedding, and for good reason. The bride and groom find themselves under unparalleled scrutiny, so we make it our business to ensure their dance is one of unparalleled quality, from choreography to execution.

Our wedding choreographer and coach Josephine has over 30 championship titles and 30 years of teaching experience under her belt. She will ensure that you absolutely shine, no matter your current level. You choose the song, the space and pretty much anything else you can envision about your dance and she will help you make that vision a reality just as she once did as the official wedding dance choreographer for the Brides of the World Pageant 2012.

But above all we want you to have fun and make your first dance truly your own and it is here that John & Josephine’s Dance creative is truly unparalleled. A perfect dance is not enough, what we work towards instead is a dance that is perfectly yours. So come to us with any oddball ideas you might have, any quirky moves you want to do and do not hesitate – If anyone can make them work it’s Josephine, and she’d love to help. We’re always just a phone call away!

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